How can I access BRT Tiger Reserve?
BRT can be accessed from two major roads.

From Bangalore: Travel from Bangalore to Kanakapura, Malavalli (skirting the town), Kollegal, Gumballi, BRT – Distance would be around 160 Kms.
From Mysore: Travel to Nanjangud, Chamarajnagar, K-Gudi, BR Hills. Distance would be around 87 Kms.


How can I make a reservation if I have to stay at B.R.Hills?
There are two forest rest houses which can be reserved in advance. One is at K.Gudi ,which can accommodate 6 people and the other is at BR Hills which can accommodate 4 people.
For reservations of Forest Department accommodation contact: 08226-222059

e-mail: dirbrttr@yahoo.in – It is suggested to have a telephonic conversation so that availability of the accommodation can be confirmed. Please ask for Mr.Doraiswamy. Your telephonic talk should be followed by a fax or letter addressed to the :

CF and Director, BRT Tiger Reserve,
Sultan Sharif Circle,
Fax no 08226-22059

Rates for accommodation : INR 500 – 2000

Please note: Forest Department accommodation is tentative, in case of visiting senior officials and VIPs, the Forest Department reserves the right of cancellation.

Another alternate accommodation, which can accommodate around 30 people is the K-Gudi Wilderness camp run by Jungle Lodges and Resorts. Link is here – www.junglelodges.com
There are other alternatives googling ‘Stay at BR Hills’ should be yielding some results.


How I can do safaris in BRT Tiger Reserve?
Presently there is only one tourism zone in K-Gudi from where jeep safaris are run. Jeep safaris are run by Forest Department and Jungle Lodges. One vehicle is run by Forest Department accommodating 6 people. Jungle Lodges run 5 vehicles, which can accommodate 7 people per vehicle. Jungle Lodges and Forest Department also accommodate walk in guests for safaris but you need to inform them in advance. Contact: RFO K-Gudi and Mr.Gangaswamy

Safari timings: 06.30AM -9.00 AM and 3.30 PM – 6.30 PM
Charges for each safari:
Forest department: INR 400/person
Jungle lodges: INR 1250/person
Safari charges include forest entry fees.


Which is the best season to visit BRT TR?
BR Hills can be visited round the year. Animal sightings are best from the months of November-February.


Can I walk on the main road?
Walking in BRT Tiger Reserve is extremely dangerous because of elephants and is completely prohibited.


Is trekking allowed in BRT Tiger Reserve?
Jungle Lodges has a nature walk programme run in the morning along select routes accompanied by a naturalist cum guide. The nature walk are arranged only for small groups. Please contact Mr.Gangaswamy for further details.


I am interested in conservation. How can I contribute to BRT Tiger Reserve?
Please look at Conservation Section.


We are an organization/company interested to do work in Conservation through our Corporate Social Responsibility programme. How can I contribute to BRT Tiger Reserve?
Please look at Conservation Section. If you feel that there are other areas you want to address. Please drop a mail to dirbrttr@yahoo.in along with a concept note on what you would like to do.


I am interested to do volunteering work. How can I become a volunteer?
BRT Tiger Reserve requires volunteers from time to time based on the programme requirements. Its does not have a fixed Volunteer programme.
Some of the programmes which require volunteers are :
- All India Tiger Estimation conducted once in 4 years.
- Elephant census programmes conducted periodically.
- Volunteers for cleaning of litter programme conducted annually.
- Volunteers for awareness programmes during Jathra (annual fair) and fire seasons.
If you are interested to be a volunteer. Please let us know by sending us a mail to dirbrttr@yahoo.in. Pls let the Title of the mail be ‘Interested to be a Volunteer’. We will keep you in our database and sound you if we have a programme where we require volunteers. Please clearly mention in your mail what your preferences are for volunteering.


Can I provide value added services and solutions for BRT TR?
BRT TR is a pioneer heading lots of innovative projects mainly aimed at the efficiency of the frontline staff to ensure better protection and monitoring of the Tiger Reserve. BRT TR understands that there is a vast manpower that is technically and financially qualified to provide value added services which can contribute to the efficiency and better delivery of objectives of the Tiger Reserve. We welcome concept notes on such value added services. Please drop us a mail underlining your proposal to dirbrttr@yahoo.in


What do I get if I contribute to conservation of Tigers to BRT TR?
BRT TR has a clear programme involving contributions for Tiger Conservation through the BRT Tiger Foundation. Each programme of contribution clearly underlines what the contributor gets. Please refer to our Conservation section.


We are a group of interested conservationists we would like to do something with direct involvement and execution for the BRT Tiger Reserve. How do we go about it?
BRT TR welcomes all interested conservationists and will facilitate all conservation related work. However, as per the existing Rules and Guidelines all work has to be routed through the Forest Department and Tiger Reserve management only.


I am a nature photographer and want to share the images of BR hills which I have taken during my visit to BR hills. How can I do this?
BRT TR understands that a large number of nature photographers visit the Tiger Reserve and capture interesting images. BRT TR provides a platform for sharing the images of BR Hills through a Facebook page. You can upload your images there. Link is here.


I am a wildlife researcher? I want to do wildlife research in BRT TR how can I do it?
All permissions for research in BRT TR are given by the Chief Wildlife Warden. Your research proposal through your respective academic heads should be addressed to the
Prinicipal Chief Conservator of Forests -Wildlife,
Aranya Bhavan,
18th Cross, Malleshwaram,


I am a serious amateur/professional nature photographer. I am interested to do a photostory for BRT TR website. How can I do it?
BRT TR encourages photographers to pursue photostories which can be a part of the BRT TR website. We are interested in original photostories which are an outcome of longer periods not short duration or visits. Send us a photostory pitch and also a sample of your work or a link to your work.

Please note : All photostories when approved are subject to approvals and permissions by competent authorities under the Wildlife Protection Act. 1972.