Adopt an Anti-poaching Camp

Anti-poaching camp (APC) is a field unit of 4-5 people. These APCs are located all around the BRT Tiger Reserve. BRT Tiger Reserve has 21 APC spread across the Tiger Reserve. Some are located in the interior others are located in the fringes.

The role of the APC is to keep a strict watch on the intrusions and threats on the habitat with the sole intention of protecting the tiger and its prey. This APC works 24X7 and they are housed in very basic building. Though basic they are equipped with latest gadgets and enough firepower to neutralize threats if any to the tiger.

The Adopt an Anti-poaching camp is basically an area where civil society can directly participate in a tiger conservation programme. Though the Government agencies meet out the wages of the APC staff, there is a gap, where the food expenses have to be met by the Tiger Reserve either through donations or incomes generated from Tourism. This is a crucial area where public/civil support is essential. The norms prescribed in around 40Rs/day/person to meet the food expenses and this is presently being paid to the Range Forest Officer who provides them with the food. The camp is also a strategic area where patrolling staff also combine when alerts of poaching or infiltration is received. During these times the personnel are more in the APC and the numbers go up.

Further with the initiation of HULI and other latest gadgets there is a lot of consumables like batteries for GPS, running support power for communication, replaceable batteries for torches to facilitate night patrol. Running costs of water augmentation during summer months. In all it is worked out that a cost of Rs. 1,00,000 is required to meet the food and consumables cost of the APC for one year.

Any person/organization can adopt an Anti-poaching camp by depositing the amount at the start of the financial year (April-March of subsequent year) with the Tiger Foundation.

This contribution to Tiger Foundation is exempt from Income tax.

Choice of adoption of Anti-poaching camp is on first come first serve basis.
Adoption programme can be done for 1 or more years also.

What do you get for contributing to BRT TR?

For the Adopt an APC programme;
An acknowledgement certificate
Two day interaction with the APC camp you have adopted. including free transportation to the APC from place of stay within BR Hills.
Display board showing the donors at the APC site for the period adopted.
40% off on onetime stay at K-Gudi Wilderness Camp of Jungle Lodges & Resorts*.
One customized BRT TR jacket
One customized T-shirt
One customized Mug
Annual photo calendar
Half yearly print publications on BRT TR will be mailed to you.
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