Conflict Mitigations

With over 200 Kms of boundary with cultivation and other private lands the forests of BRT Tiger Reserve abruptly land up in cultivation. This landscape is part of Mysore Elephant Reserve and provides a crucial corridor connecting the elephant population of the Eastern Ghats to the Western Ghats. This elephant landscape is mired in human-elephant conflict of great proportions. It is time to fulfill the long standing demand of having effective double barriers of Elephant proof trench and Solar fencing. Both are physical barriers, the elephant proof trench if well maintained gives good result adding to this existing barrier is the barrier of Solar electric fence which carries a mild electricity deterring elephants but not causing any permanent harm. This solar electric fence is the crucial area where public/civil society can contribute to the mitigation of the human=elephant conflict. Ideally it is desired a unit of 3 Kms of solar electric fence is supported by interested individuals/organization through our donation programme. The cost of the 3 Kms unit of solar fence works out to be 7.5 lakhs/3Kms (2013 prices) which includes cost of erection and maintenance of 3 years. People can contribute to this endeavor, which not only favours wildlife but also gives a great chance of the people in the forest fringe villages to lead a peaceful life and have positive outlook towards wildlife.

What do you get for supporting the Conflict mitigation programme:
An acknowledgement certificate
Display board showing the donors at fence site.
40% off on onetime stay at K-Gudi Wilderness Camp of Jungle Lodges at Resorts*.
One day interaction with the Solar fence unit you have adopted.
One customized BRT TR jacket
One customized T-shirt
One customized Mug
Annual photo calendar
Attractive Print material on BRT TR will be mailed to you.
Half yearly print publications on BRT TR will be mailed to you.
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