Donate for Other Activities

1. Support to provide clean running water to interior staff quarters and Anti-poaching camps.
This activity is crucial because good clean water is a basic pre-requisite. BRT Tiger Reserve is mainly a hilly landscape. Although water is present but providing them to the existing structures presents a challenge on the resources as the water has to be drawn from perennial streams and supplied to underground pipes across a fair distance. This is cost intensive but would be of great help. In the peripheral areas where electric power is available the digging of borewells is a good option.

This crucial activity is an area open for support through donation.

2. Support to provide modern fire fighting tools.
Although it is thought that providing modern fire fighting tools is a panacea to fight fire in the forest. Not all modern fire fighting tools are of practical use in BRT forests. In some case the equipment becomes a burden in itself. A good practically useful kit comprising of light weight stuff like early burning fire guns, fire repellant beating devices help in a big way.

3. A good torch which can illuminate a decent distance but which can serve a long battery life is a great tool.

4. Shoes- Though it is widely believed that shoes are lacking in our staff kit, it is not so. Infact a rough living conditions with no proper running water makes it difficult to maintain hygienic shoes and socks. These in itself sometimes become a sore point of hygiene in the camps. The staff is used to ply around in sandals. However, during dry and fire season the staff prefers shoes. This shoes if contributed will help in a big way fora short time to overcome fears of stepping on embers and splinters of fire.

5. Eco-friendly mosquito repellents which do not depend on electricity is an area for innovative interventions.

6. Any other activity please mail to us, we are open to new avenues for contribution.