The Charter of Desirables

What is the Charter of Desirables?

Most of the managers of tiger reserves are normally constrained because of the funds being in short supply to meet the managerial needs of the Tiger Reserves, in cases when funds are allocated but are not made available in time. This fund crunch is a biggest setback to the manager because all operations in a Tiger Reserve are subjected to seasonality and timelines. If a particular operation is not done on time if would make the other operations redundant. For Eg: Clearing of firelines if not done timely will have effect on controlled burning later.

Contrary to belief Tiger Reserves do not require large amounts of money but money should be made available timely for permanent asset creation and small amounts of money for regular maintenance is the best principle for fiscal management of Tiger Reserves. Coming to the Charter of Desirables, this is a nothing but a reflection of the wishlist of the manager which is in consonance with the Tiger Conservation Plan objectives. Most of interventions required in the Charter of Desirables will focus on support of external agencies to run the reserve more efficiently .

The charter of Desirable is based on broad goals of management with emphasis on micro level interventions which can contribute to the vision of the Tiger Reserve. For Eg: The wage buffer for 6 months for Anit-poaching camps would be the desirable component for the Tiger Reserve manager so that he has a component to pay these anti-poaching camps even if salaries are delayed for 6 months thereby ensuring continued protection of the Tiger Reserve. The money will be reimbursed to the Tiger Foundation once the money is received from the Government.

The ‘Charter of desirables’ is much more relevant especially under the context of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) rolling out the Tiger Foundations for every Tiger Reserves. Under these guidelines the official management of the Tiger Reserve will create a foundation as per members prescribed and will operate the funds which accrue to the Tiger Foundation. This Tiger Foundation is the best way by which all contributions can flow to the Tiger Reserve.