BRT Tiger Foundation

The Central Government sensing the need that Civil society was largely interested to support conservation and especially Tiger Conservation issued a guidelines on June 2007 making it mandatory for every Tiger Reserve in the country to have a Tiger Foundation so that all revenue accruing from the activities of a Tiger Reserve mainly from Eco-tourism can be ploughed back directly to the managing of the Tiger Reserve.

The Government Order of the Ministry of Environment and Forests dated 22nd June, 2007 states under:

3 (1) The State Government shall establish a Tiger Conservation Foundation in each tiger reserve for facilitating and supporting its management for conservation of tiger and biodiversity, apart from taking eco-tourism and eco-development initiatives by involving people in such process.

3(2) The Foundation shall be a trust, registered under the relevant rules of the Government.

Under the above provisions the Tiger Foundation for BRT Tiger Reserve is constituted and it is has the following aims and objectives:

The aim of the BRT Tiger Foundation is to facilitate and support the tiger reserve management for conservation of Tiger and biodiversity, through multi-stakeholder participation as per approved management plans, and to support similar initiatives in adjoining landscapes, consistent with national and state legislation.

Further, for the furtherance of the said objectives the functions of the BRT Tiger Foundation shall be undertaken through the implementing agency and its staff and or sponsored or supported by it or through other institutions, agencies or individuals collaborated by the implementing agency.

In short the BRT Tiger Foundation is the avenue through which meaningful contributions in cash and kind can be dovetailed for the conservation of Tiger in the landscape. This paves the way for all conservationists to directly contribute to Tiger Conservation.