Director’s Notes

A year passes by and the Tiger Reserve holds you in a swirl. 2012 was an eventful year. Many positives but equally many concerns. This in a nutshell was the year. Being the first Director of a young tiger reserve has many areas to focus on. The Team BRT was upto the task on many occasions be it, nabbing poachers from Haryana, to fighting fire on a daily basis during a tense fire season.

With the whole world focusing on the Tiger, reinforced with the widely attended First Stocktaking Conference of the Tiger for the Global Tiger Recovery Program in New Delhi in May 2012 and also the various forums on which the concerns and challenges to a successful tiger conservation programme shared their views. This helped BRT Tiger Reserve to focus on issues.

Empowering field level frontline staff in camera trapping to implementing ‘HULI’ the learnings were many. Having an young staff combined with the experience of the elders helped in facing everyday issues.

Tribal life has to be seen to believed, many in the comforts of homes view them differently and paint a situation based on convenience, which is rather sad. A pragmatic approach with long term goals for all stakeholders concerned is the way forward.

Finally the website itself. Drawing from experience and combining with the visually stunning places and animals of BRT Tiger Reserve, the website ploughs a lonely furrow of bringing in photostories with the backdrop of the Tiger Reserve. Highlighting a few to bring focus on the others as well. Keeping the dynamic nature of a website alive combined with collaborative effort and engaging content is the right mix in this endeavor.

Having a url was necessitated to bring in confidence among donors and public who want to contribute to conservation. Hosting in the State Data center ensures sustainability in the long run for the website as well.

Vijay Mohan Raj
Chief Conservator of Forests
& Outgoing Director, BRT Tiger Reserve