Bird Survey at BRT Tiger Reserve

Bird Survey at BRT Tiger Reserve :

BRT Bird Survey

The BRT bird survey was well attended by top bird watchers from India. Expert bird watchers from Goa, Tamilnadu participated in the event. The event was organised from November 30th to 2nd December 2012. The Bird Survey used the existing trails and roads in the BRT Tiger Reserve. Nearly 22 transects of 3-5 Kms were laid on existing trails across all vegetation types. Bird survey was done in early morning hours and also the same transect was walked in the afternoon. The Bird Survey intends to bring about a clear picture on the diversity and density of birds in BRT Tiger Reserve. More than 25 new birds were added to the checklist of the Birds of BRT. The checklist is now over 300 species.

The effort is also aimed at bringing focus on lesser species like birds and move away from a tiger centric focus especially by eco-tourists.

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3 comments on “Bird Survey at BRT Tiger Reserve
  1. Madhura says:

    Is the bird survey data freely available online? Has it been published by the Department yet?

  2. BRT Tiger Reserve says:

    The BRT Bird Survey data is yet to be published and soon it will be published, we will only provide a concise portion of it on the website. If you are interested in the whole data set, you can send a request to

  3. Prateek Panwar says:

    Please share your BRT Bird Survey Complete Data Set with us


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