• A true landmark is the Honnameti stone, ‘Honnameti” in Kannada means Golden Footprint.
  • Like a true icon the Honnameti stone watches over vast swathes of forest in the BRT Tiger Reserve
  • Endless magical moments surround this great geological marvel, like this glorious evening view
  • Riding on top of long stone ridge this free standing rock draws attention to itself
  • Small life forms like these flowers compete with the rock for attention
  • A crucial post for Tiger Protection is the Honnameti Anti-poaching camp
  • A small shrub, St.Johns Wort Hypericum mysurense - medicinally important occurs all around the icon
  • Equipped with bare essentials and basic structure to protect from the elements the APC serves as a crucial base for logistics and protection
  • Daily lives on a windswept lonely place combine the hectic with the mundane.
  • Though located in the high rainfall, shola  forests zone, the high location necessitates carrying of water for everyday use.
  • Nature through its seasons throws up its contrasts in the high mountains
  • When the fog surrounds Honnameti, the mood goes up by many a mile.
One comment on “Honnameti
  1. Gurunath Desai says:

    Honnameti has been very creatively potrayed in this feature.

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