• A beautiful confluence of the skies, forests and grasslands is the Jodigere landscape
  • Seen from a kite, the etymology of Jodigere (twin lakes) is clearly seen from the top.

    Image Courtesy : BRT-TR/Pruthiviraj.U
  • With an extreme of vegetation from the Xerophytic Agave to the wet Shola forests in the background the place is a botanical wonderland.
  • A favourite feeding ground for the elephants is the Jodigere grasslands
  • The grasslands are also preferred by the Gaur, which team up in large herds
  • Some like this are taken by the top predator Tiger which rules the grasslands
  • With a favourable situation of open grasslands for grazing and forests for cover, this Gaur moves to merge into the forests in late evening light
  • The forests within hold such gems like this flowering orchid.
  • Rocks again play a beautiful anchoring role for this already divine landscape.

    Image Courtesy : Ashok Mansur
  • Trees also compete and put up a grand show during the flowering season
  • The ground beneath rises to compete with the others, mushrooms enliven the ground floor in monsoon.
  • The avian friends are not far, the square tailed Black bulbul is a fine caller as well

    Image Courtesy : Ashok Mansur
  • Specialised birds like the long billed pipit Anthus similis  make the Jodigere grasslands an interesting birding place
  • Interesting waterfall dot the landscape in the monsoonif one has the patience and courage to brave the blood sucking leeches
  • A combustible material and intense fire season plays out regularly at these grasslands ensuring a certain ecological climax
  • The strategic and scenic Jodigere APC on stilts is proof that the elephants are a force to reckon with.
One comment on “Jodigere
  1. Gurunath Desai says:

    Jodigere is undoubtly the finest landscape in BRT especially when gaur and elephants graze on opposite ridge line.Great grassland fantastically scenic.

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