Tiger Reserve

Located at the cross roads of the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats landscapes, this important ecological bridge of the BR hills is very crucial to provide the much needed safe corridor providing safe connectivity to wildlife across these two major bio-geographical realms. With an increasing population of tigers and with its proven track record of harbouring a significant number of breeding tigers, BRT Tiger reserve is a crucial Tiger breeding unit which is a source population for Tigers moving further south and east to Satyamangalam Tiger Reserve and Malai Mahadeshwara Hills.Being in the tiger landscape of Bandipur-Mudumalai-Nagarahole-Wynaad, this newly credited Tiger Landscape of BRT Tiger Reserve along with adjoining landscape of Satyamanglam Tiger Reserve will now a large repository of Tiger genepool in the South.

Interesting bio-diversity mosaics and peculiarities make BR Hills a treasure trove of bio-diversity and a challenge to ecologists.

Key Facts :

Area of Tiger Reserve : 574 Sq Kms

Location : Chamarajnagar District, Karnataka, South India

Distance :
From Bangalore : 254 Kms
From Mysore : 90 Kms

Rainfall : 689 mm to 1990 mm

Temperature : 8°C to 38°C

Elevation : 600 mtrs to 1950 mtrs